History of Media Support Center

In early 2000s a group of famous public figures expressed an interest in establishing independent print shop in Kyrgyz Republic. On 17 July, 2002, US State Department approved the Freedom House project and signed a contract with Freedom House. In late 2002, Center was officially opened and Mike Stone was appointed as the supervisor of the project. Natalya Gallyamova became the first General Manager of Media Support Center. On 14 November, 2003, MSC print shop was officially opened. The opening ceremony was visited by politicians and public figures from Kyrgyz Republic and USA.

On 26 November, 2003, Media Support Center printed the first full-color newspaper in the history of Kyrgyzstan. In August 2004 Media Support Center reached the point. In November and December of the same year newspapers from Kazakhstan and Tajikistan became clients of the Center. Since that the Media Support Center became a leading force on the Kyrgyz printing market. In 2007 Center became the first organization in Kyrgyzstan which introduced Plate-Shop.

Except for printing newspapers, Media Support Center also prepares journalists, designers and other members of newspapers in MSC training lab. In summer of 2008, Media Support Center successfully realized the project “Media Management Summer School” during which newspaper members and other people participated in seminars of renowned experts from Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation and Western Europe in such spheres as distribution, advertisement, newspaper management, marketing, layout and design.