Media Law School

Media Support Center maintains Media Law School project, organized by Institute of Media Policy.

Media Law School is a course for law students on issues of providing freedom of word and information, protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, legal support of mass media activities, television and radio broadcasting regulation and rights on the Internet.

Students learn characteristics and features of the national media’s relief in Kyrgyz legislation. Media Law School made also an emphasis on international standards, practices and procedures by the UN Committee on Human Rights. Recognized experts on media law are invited as trainers:

1. Akmat Alagushev – Media Representative in Kyrgyz Republic

2. Shamaral Maichiev – Director of the National Legal Corporation

3. Nadejda Alisheva – Media expert, Institute of Media Policy

4. Atyr Abdrahmatova – lawyer, adviser of the Public Television and Radio Company

5. Elnur Kudaibergenova – lawyer, Civil Initiative on Internet Policy

Implementation of the project was started on October, 2012