At the Media Support Center Plate-Shop production department operates from 2008. Plate making is launched on KODAK company production equipment, working  Computer-to-Plate (CTP) technology. CTP technology is computer-managed manufacturing process of the printing plate by transmitting directly image recording on a printing plate. CTP technology has significant advantages compared to conventional platemaking:


  • Increased quality and precision of image reproduction due to exclusion of copying processes;
  • Reducing time frames of forming processes and tuning works, which increases performance;
  • Minimizing technical waste of paper and ink due to high precision of color mix, which reduces costs;
  • Reduced risk of errors due to automation of most processes.


Besides, implementation of CTP improves environmental conditions in printery due to lack of chemical treatment of plastic sheets. In addition, corporate culture is strengthening and operational procedures organization is improving.

Following information is required to conclude a contract for plate printing:

  • Legal entity or natural entity name
  • Full name of the Head
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • IDH number
  • Bank account
  • BIC
  • Bank name

After signing the contract, client has an opportunity at any time to download files for output to FTP or  bring them to the office and receive finished printing plates at a prearranged time.

Технические требования к файлам для клиентов Plateshop


(Русский) Менеджеры


  • Бакыт Дыйканов
  • 0312 530000
  • 0550778839
  • Альфина Джапаркулова
  • 0312 530000