To become a client of Media Support Center Foundation, you must sign the contract and execute documents. To sign the contract you must have the following documents:

  • State Registration Certificate of media outlet;
  • Charter of legal entity, which is the founder of media outlet;
  • Document which confirms the appointment of the manager by the founder of media outlet (order, decision of supreme body);
  • Document which confirms the appointment and powers of chief editor to sign the contract with the Foundation to fulfill job and sign orders and power of attorney;
  • Passport of the head of juridical entity;
  • Passport of the chief editor of media outlet;
  • Passport of person(s), responsible for signing advance copy and receiving the print run;
  • Bank information;
  • Individual Taxpayer Number;
  • State Taxation Inspectorate number;
  • Telephones (including mobile phone) of chief editor, accountant and designer.

Collaboration between the client and the Foundation goes through the following stages:

  • Conclusion (reconclusion) of the contract and execution of documents (once in a year)
  • The client consults on services and prices and sign the power attorney on signing the contract;
  • The Foundation provides the client with the package of documents including a model contract;
  • Client provides the documents necessary for signing the contract;
  • Both parties sign the contract;
  • Client executes the power of attorney;
  • Client prepares the power of attorney for shipping agent;
  • Fulfilling the order
  • Payment for the press run;
  • Receiving the number of service order by phone;
  • Introduction of the service order;
  • Introduction of PDF file with model of the newspaper;
  • Registration of the newspaper model in record journal;
  • Checking the newspaper model by prepress men of the Foundation;
  • Approval of the advance copy by the Foundation client, done on printer;
  • Signing the advance copy of newspaper, printed by printing machine;
  • Receiving press run after providing the power of attorney.

To speed up the process of signing the contract, we recommend you to visit office with a person who signs the contract and have the seal of juridical entity on behalf of which which contact is executed.
Since January 1, 2010 all contracts will be re-signed.

NB The contract is signed by the manager of the organization, which is the founder of media outlet. The chief editor can also sign the contract, if he has the same powers.