“Strengthening the capacity of the Kyrgyz Republic newspaper offices” project has started from September 2012; it was organized by “Media-Consult” public fund with the assistance of “Media Support Center” public fund. The purpose of the project is to improve content quality of Kyrgyz printed media for general enhancement of media space in Kyrgyz Republic.

To achieve this goal, trainings for print media offices will be held every week. Following issues will be covered during the training:


1. Newspaper – business or tool of influence?


– Purpose and strategy development

– Business plan

– Promotion

– Optimal organization of the editorial and commercial departments and distribution system.


2. From chaos to order, discipline and success


– Personnel – recruitment, training

– Rights and obligations inside editorial office

– Quality criteria, editorial policy and ethics


3. How to win competitions? How to make newspaper attractive, unique, readable and reputable?    


– How to find out audience interests? Choice of themes and genres.

– Composition – design, layout, graphics.

– Multimedia tools – get with the times!

– News, interviews, investigations – how to make them in accordance with information quality criteria.

Monthly allowance of scholarships or fee-to pay will be granted to project participants – journalists, willing to improve professional level and content quality. Decision on scholarship recipients will be taken collectively by Media Support Center executive management and teaching staff. In addition, the project will cover travel costs for media members to realize journalist investigations, requiring field trips to the regions.